Started in the year 1984, our electrical motor team had served countless clients and acquired valuable experience in repairing, maintaining & testing of all types of electrical motors, transformers and mechanical systems. We specialised in servicing DC & AC machines used in various application such as pump systems, ventilation systems, hoisting machines, manufacturing operations, etc.

Our core services comprise of :
1. Rewinding and Overhauling of Electrical motors and equipment
2. Testing & Field services
3. Condition monitoring and Preventative maintenance
4. Energy management and Energy Efficiency consultancy

To promote energy efficiency and green solutions, we provide professional renewable energy integration & energy consultancy services.


Rewinding & Overhauling of Electrical motors & equipment
- Rewinding AC motors stators and rotors
- Rewind DC motors stators and armatures
- AC/DC generators troubleshooting and maintenance
- Repair & Overhaul all types of motor : pumps, clutch, gear, brake, salient poles, etc.
- Scheduled shut down maintenance

Testing & Field services
- Surge and Hi-pot Test
- Dynamic Balancing
- Laser alignment
- Energy Efficiency & Power Quality