Demand Aggregation Scheme

MCST and Property Management are constantly looking for ways to reduce operational cost. The most straight forward and easiest way is to reduce electricity cost by becoming a contestable electricity consumer, taking advantage of the Liberalisation of Singapore's Retail Electricity Market, commonly known as Open Electricity Market (OEM).

By being a contestable consumer, you will have the option to select from various electricity packages provided by different licensed Electricity retailers.

For most properties, the easiest and fastest way is through the Demand Aggregation Scheme (DAS).

Through DAS, MCST and Property Management can start saving on common area electricity bills with zero impact on tenants and residents.


Our Team at Starrio is equipped to provide a One-Stop turnkey solution, allowing you a hassle free conversion under the DAS.

We will take care of the complete conversion process, which includes:

  • Contestability Consultancy
  • Administrative
  • Electrical wiring & modification works
  • Testing and Commissioning

Contact us now for non-obligatory review for your building.

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