By becoming a contestable consumer, MCSTs and landlords will have the freedom to select from a range of electricity packages provided by various licensed electricity retailers.

Compared to the EMA regulated electricity tariff, MCSTs will be able to save up to 30% by purchasing electricity from a retailer.
For MCSTs and landlords to become contestable electricity consumers, EMA offers the En-Bloc Contestability Scheme and Demand Aggregation Scheme (DAS).
Under the En-Bloc Contestability scheme (ECS), the Master-metered Account can purchase electricity from retailers for the entire development after obtaining 100% consent from all sub-metered account holders.

Landlords unable to obtain 100% consensus from all tenants can apply under the Demand Aggregation Scheme (DAS).
DAS allows MCSTs and landlords whom are unable to apply under ECS to become contestable by aggregating common services loads and other consenting sub-metered accounts.

Minor Electrical system rewiring and modification works will be conducted to prepare the premise for DAS.
The complete conversion process for DAS is approximately 4 months.

Starrio provides the complete turnkey solution involving the following services:

  • Contestability Review study
  • Regulatory submission and review
  • Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) services
  • Electrical system rewiring & modification
  • Shutdown, turn-on, testing & commissioning
From our past experience, MCSTs and landlords can expect a ROI of about 1 to 4 years depending on the electricity consumption and existing electrical system configuration.
There is absolutely no reason not to become a contestable consumer and start saving on electricity bills today.

The earlier you start the process, the faster you will enjoy the savings. After the initial payback period, your property will reap the benefits for decades to come.
There are attractive DAS packages offered by Starrio which offers zero upfront cost, promising savings from day one.

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